God desires to have a growing relationship with you and has wonderful plans for your life!

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GROW is an online, interactive journey that will help you grow in your relationship with God, discover God's greater purposes for your life, and build a stronger foundation for the rest of your life. Each session includes videos, text, an e-coach, and the opportunity to chat with other participants who are taking the same journey.

What is it?

The word GROW can summarize human life. We grow. From the moment of birth and throughout our entire lives, we are growing. This growth takes place physically, emotionally, relationally, cognitively, and spiritually. Thus, an important question is: What kind of growth is happening in your life? Are you growing strong or lethargic? Are you growing healthy or sick? Are you growing closer to God or farther away? It is our belief that through a relationship with Jesus Christ, you can GROW healthy in every area of life.

Jesus said that he is the gardener and we are the garden. When we are connected with him, we will bear fruit. If you are willing to commit the next several weeks to GROW, we are confident that God will work in your life and you will be changed. The question is not will you grow, but what type of growth will occur? Will you join GROW and begin to experience all that God has for you?

How GROW Works:

Each session has five parts and takes about 20 minutes to complete the basic experience. You will WATCH a video, READ and DISCUSS important values with others, and consider how to APPLY what you watched and read. Each value builds a stronger foundation for your life.

There are two optional sections: GO DEEPER and SHARE. The GO DEEPER section includes video clips of life stories, music videos, and links to key Bible passages that will inspire you and help you understand how these values can work in your life. The SHARE section gives you a chance to highlight some of the insights you are gaining through the group chat room, Facebook, Twitter, and interactions with others.

Because GROW is a interactive journey, you will be assigned an e-coach, along with a small group of individuals on the same journey as you. You will learn more about God and discover a greater meaning and purpose in your life. So, are you ready to grow? If yes, then register for the course.

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